Top Resistance Band Workouts For Bodybuilders

What comes to thoughts while you stumble upon the time period resistance bands? Is it bodily therapy, warming up or stretching? Your solution might be valid, but did you already know that health bands are absolutely pretty powerful for muscle constructing? Bands assist you construct muscle as they devise resistance without the need for lifeless weight such as kettlebell and so on. This makes them smooth to use and ideally do not come with the danger of harm because of heavy weight training. So, if you are searching out a few trade however need to construct muscle, positioned down the barbells and dumbbells and provide resistance bands a strive.

In this read, we’re going to come up with a few resistance band exercises that assist with bodybuilding:


Bend your knees over the ft whilst standing in a squat role. Draw your glutes to the knee degree while making sure that your legs live parallel to every other. Double up the resistance band to be able to create more resistance and hold each end at chest stage together with your fingers. Start pulsing the legs by bending and stretching your knees down 2 inches and up 2 inches. Stick to a constant rhythm and draw the band overhead and all the way down to your chest level. Remember to preserve your hands strong and the abdominals engaged, plus the palms and knees bent consistent with your shoulders.

Do this 20 to 30 instances to feel a burn deep to your thighs.

The Abdominal Curl

Sitting to your mat, hold the health band at chest-degree with your arms immediately. Curl your frame down steadily until you’re making a C-curve together with your spine and the abs engage. Then curl up and inch and down, breathing in as you curl down and exhaling as you curl up. You can upload variations by using squeezing the band to paintings your obliques, twisting side to side and wringing the waistline. Do this for approximately 20 to 30 instances.

Leg Lunges and Overhead Shoulder Presses

Stand with a foot place in the front of the other and bend your knees to create a ninety-degree perspective. This puts you in a lunge position. Hold the health band along with your hands instantly and draw it overhead. Start to bend and stretch your legs, keeping the legs parallel, abs engaged, and knees over the toes. Then start to draw the arms up and down like you are doing a shoulder press within the lunge function. Remember to bend the knees down and draw the arms down concurrently for the first-class consequences. Do this 20 to 30 instances.